Vacanze Romane

The Vespa gained a certain notoriety thanks to the 1953 movie “Roman holiday” starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.
This lamp is a tribute to the Vespa model used in the movie, the “Faro Basso (low light)” that is the core of this work.
An original Vespa horn of the 60’s gives elegance, due to the combination of aluminum and travertine.
This valuable marble has been chosen because the movie shows a wide series of Roman views, where historical buildings and ruins were made of the characteristic Roman travertine.

The buckler of the headlight was recovered from an abandoned exemplary Vespa of the 50’s, stripped so as to bring out the raw aluminum to the exterior. The base consists of three travertine elements assembled disorderly and which have been affixed logos in Piaggio and Vespa styles.
28x5x43 cm