L’albero del Sole, della Luna e i riflessi sull’acqua

This work, inspired by the Porsche 356, is the result of a series of researches which has allowed the designer to assemble original Porsche parts of the 50’s and the 60’s. The central element of the work is the drive shaft of a Porsche set on a recovery gear. The light coming out from the spotlight Bosch for Porsche 356 illuminates the interior of the cup wheel of a Porsche 356 Pre A, which in turn makes the light bouncing on the surrounding space.

The base, consisting of a transparent methacrylate plate on which is mounted a sheet of methacrylate chrome mirror, is a reference to the hood of a Porsche 550 Spyder of the 50’s. To invoke the prestigious automotive brand, the original Porsche crest for the 60’s models is left in its original condition.
30x36x80 cm